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3 Latest Razer Gaming Tools to Improve Your Gaming Experience

Razer Kiyo Pro | Latest Razer Gaming Tool

Razer became one of the most popular gaming brands due to its advanced gaming gadgets and tools. This manufacturer always tries to launch new products to satisfy gamers. Here, we want to show you the latest Razer gaming tools you can use to get a better gaming experience.

The Optical Gaming Keyboard 

Razer introduces one of the latest gaming tools known as Razer Huntsman V2. This tool is an optical gaming keyboard. What makes this Razer gaming keyboard different compared to other keyboards? This product is claimed to be the fastest keyboard gaming in the world.

Razer applies up to an 8000Hz polling rate for lower input latency. This lower input latency makes the keyboard faster, lighter, and more durable than traditional keyboards. This keyboard is available in two versions, the Linear and Clicky.

Gamers are about to use a keyboard with the second-generation optical switches with Razer Hyper Polling. This feature is 3 times faster than Magnetic switches. Unlike other keyboards made of ABS plastic, Razer uses a more durable material for its gaming keyboard.

The material uses a Doubleshot molding process to keep the labels lasting longer and produce a more challenging and durable keyboard than ABS plastic keyboards. This product also has a special foam to absorb any pinging noises.

You can even adjust the game setting easier with a multi-function digital dial and 4 media keys. This feature helps pause, play, skip and tweak, brightness, and volume only from a keyboard.

New Gaming Headset 

Razer also produces a new gaming headset known as Kaira X. It is one of the Razer gaming tools for Xbox and PlayStation. Kaira X for PlayStation 5 comes in white color. This product has drivers to adjust the volume easier.

Users can tune the sound in a high, medium, and low volume separately as they wish. This feature helps to produce brighter and more precise sound, along with better trebles and powerful bass. Your ear is comfortable even after using this headset for a few hours.

Thanks to the breathable material and its ultra-soft foam that minimizes sweat and heat. Kaira X headset for PlayStation 5 also has a bendable mic. It is a Hyperclear cardioid mic that can capture a clear voice while reducing the noise from the back and sides.

You can also mute the mic or control the volume as you wish with a mute button and volume slider underneath the left earcup. The 3.5mm jack is compatible with other third-party platforms. Razer Kaira X for Xbox offers several colors: black, white, pulse red, electric volt, and shock blue.

Like Kaira X for PlayStation 5, the Kaira X headset for Xbox also uses 50mm drivers. The drivers also affect the bass, midrange, and treble, so you always get great sound. Gamers can set brighter and clearer sounds with richer trebles and powerful bass by turning the volume.

Razer keeps several valuable features in Kaira X for PlayStation 5. It seems that the audio drags you to the games. Such as the Hyperclear cardioid mic, high-quality memory foam, and others to keep your comfort while wearing this headset.

Latest Webcam 

Razer also released a sophisticated gaming webcam known as Razer Kiyo. The idea of realizing this webcam is to give comfortable communication while playing a game. It comes in three versions: Razer Kiyo, Razer Kiyo X, and Razer Kiyo Pro.

Razer supports Razer Kiyo with a ring light feature. The light is bright enough to give you a studio-lighting quality while online via a webcam. It means you don’t need to get confused with the light, especially when playing games in a low-light area.

Indeed, you can still adjust the brightness level to get the most comfortable light from the camera. This webcam has a complete customization toggle to help you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and white balance easier.

The image quality is smooth, bright, and sharp due to the 720p resolution at 60 fps. This feature allows viewers to see the way you are. The streaming video quality is also fantastic, with 1080 resolution at 30fps.

It means you can stream with a full HD quality. This camera helps you get zero distortion with its 4:3 aspect ratio resolution, whether for Skype or FaceTime video calls. The colors look neutral, so your friends are comfortable during your conversation.

The precise, seamless, and sharp image is also coming from the advanced autofocus feature. The low-light correction fixes the light. As a result, your friends will always see you clearly and sharply. The X version gives you a better and slicker visual. This webcam has 1080p with 30fps for higher resolution and gets sharper detail.

On the other hand, you can also get a higher frame rate and a smoother video with 720p and 60fps. The Pro version is also suitable for streaming and video conferencing. The light sensor helps this webcam to detect the brightness level. Then, the system will adjust the clarity. As a result, your friends will always get a clear and sharp image of you even if you are in a low-light area.

You can also adjust the POV of the angle lens into narrow, medium, and wide. Razer also supports the Razer Kiyo Pro with a stable webcam mount. You can now find the perfect angle for streaming or video calling right away, whether putting the camera on the monitor, a table, or a tripod. This webcam also has a privacy cover to protect the lens if you don’t want your friends to see you temporarily without turning the camera off.

The point is that you can improve your gaming experience by adding the latest Razer gaming tools above. You can perform maximally with an advanced gaming keyboard, headset, and webcam. The tools above will also make you don’t want to replace Razer with other gaming brands. Playing favorite games will be more satisfying because of the latest Razer gaming tools above. You will also achieve your gaming goals faster.

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