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Keychron K3 Review: Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for MacBook Pro

Keychron K3 Review: Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for MacBook Pro

If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard to complement my MacBook Pro for portable use. Suppose you generate thousands of words every day and prefer specific feedback on mechanical switches. However, there are some drawbacks you may encounter when searching for a suitable mechanical keyboard. If you need a version of macOS, the options tend to be narrower, a bit larger, and bulkier. The switches used (and the resulting degree of "clicks") may vary by Model. Still, the Keychron K3 turned out to be almost perfect.

The K3 combines the K2's 75% form factor with a slender design for an incredibly thin and portable wireless mechanical keyboard. The version I tested was equipped with an optional hot-swappable thin blue light switch and RGB backlight. The combination costs $ 84, but the keyboard starts at $ 74.

Super Slim and Portable

The low-profile switch makes a shallow profile keyboard. The whole mechanical keyboard is about 1.5 inches long from the bottom of the deck to the top of the keys. The K3 measures about 3/4 inches at the highest point. It weighs 17 ounces and is only 12 inches long. Although the K3 can be fully used as a computer keyboard, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry.

In fact, Keychron offers a $ 25 suitcase made of Saffiano leather. My sample was orange, and black and gray were also displayed.

Wireless or wired operation

The K3 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 and a 1550mAh lithium-polymer battery for wireless operation. Background use affects battery life. It's rated for up to 34 hours with a single LED or active RGB backlight, but it's more than twice as easy with the backlight off.

Charging is done via USB-C. You can also use the keyboard in wired mode using USB-C (USB-C-USB Type-A cable included).

Compatibility with Multiple Operating Systems

The Keychron K3 keyboard is compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. There is a switch on the back to switch between Windows and macOS. You can wirelessly connect to up to 3 different devices. The review unit was equipped with a Mac keyboard layout, but the Keychron box also contained Windows-specific keys. I've mainly tested it on a MacBook Pro, and I've been able to connect to my Chromebook without any problems.


I like the colorful backlight a bit and use the keyboard as mediocre as typing. The RGB backlight of my review unit has 18 different patterns and color options that can be switched, and the brightness is adjustable.

Hot-swappable Switch

Keychron includes key extraction with a keyboard, so you can easily switch between macOS and Windows key layouts. The company also included a switch extraction tool. When setting up your K3 at the time of purchase, choose from a variety of switching options. For the optical switch version, you can choose from red, blue, or brown. Each provides a different route and workforce. Called "click," I chose the best blue switch for typing.

However, you are not bound by the switch you select. You can purchase the set individually. A switch tractor is used here. The company also sent me a complete set of red switches to test. If you are new to the switch, there is an online video that will guide you through the process of activating the switch. The red switch is much quieter and suitable for working in a shared environment where you don't want to get in the way, but I prefer the blue switch.

If the keyboard wears out in any way, you can buy a replacement switch instead of replacing the entire keyboard. However, the life of the optical switch test stop is 70 million, so it takes a considerable amount of time to wear the K3.

Keychron K3 Keyboard Recommendations

The Keychron K3 was an excellent wireless mechanical keyboard. In particular, we appreciate full compatibility and portability with macOS. The easy change of these optical switches is a great bonus. From $ 74, it's also a beautiful price.

With the improvements made as part of the version 2 model, the K3 becomes an even more attractive option.

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