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As Celebrate 50 Million Downloads, Pokemon Unite Give Free 2000 Aeos Tickets

Pokemon Unite 50 Million Downloads

Has started on Thursday (December 9), all Pokémon Unite players entering MOBA will have the opportunity to receive 2,000 free Aeos tickets. It prizes to celebrate the most crucial game. The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios previously rewarded Pokémon Unite users with free Aeos tickets on Nintendo Switch after the game reached 2 million downloads in September. Do not think that another key brings similar gifts in the game.

In July, the free-to-play mobile game was first released on Nintendo Switch and on Android and iOS devices September. In fact, other famous artists will be joining the ranks this week, on December 9. Specifically, two groups of five players compete against each other in a tournament in which players can take on the roles of Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, Eldegoss, and many other Pokémon-loving creatures. She is a grass-type humanoid Tsareena. This extraordinary must have proven very strong in combat, giving him the power to attack and wreak havoc on Unite Moves.

According to the official Pokémon Unite Twitter account on December 6, MOBA has downloaded more than 50 million views since its inception. Thanks to our fans for their continued support, Pokémon Company, and TiMi Studios are offering 2,000 free Aeos tickets to all players starting Thursday, December 9. The request will not end until January 31, 2022, the tweet was recorded. Anyone who wants to write free scripts simply needs to access Pokémon Unite for a set period.

Without a doubt, thousands of players will benefit from 2,000 free Aeos tickets. As one of the rewards in the game, this is especially beneficial for purchasing Pokémon Unite Skins, Bars, and Upgrade Kits, the latter of which are very useful in modifying the effects and stats of the game.

Additionally, Pokemon Unite players now accept 100 Aeos Tickets per day for 6 days until Tsareena is released. All players who enter after the December 9 update will receive a free Tsareena license. Also, Tickets can be used for many items in Pokemon Unite but are primarily used to purchase upgrade items.

Each is a 10 Aeos ticket. This increases the efficiency of your inventory during battle. You must purchase 82 items to upgrade an item to level 10, the first significant upgrade level. Your funds can also be purchased with Aeos tickets.

It can also be used on Battle Point booster maps to double the Battle Points earned after a battle. Each level rewards players with different items, so it's a good idea to purchase a battle card to advance faster and get the most out of those rewards.

There are also some Fashion Instructor items available with Aeos Ticket. Still, we don't recommend changing your avatar's appearance as this will not affect your gameplay or level. The fashion trainer can write in several ways, so use your Aeos ticket for the product improvement and challenge content reminder cards for a change.

Pokémon Unite has garnered a lot of respect, as many consider them to be dangerous microtransactions. However, it will gradually become more personal over time, with post-release support, constantly providing new content, and more. Season 1 ended a few weeks ago on November 7, opening the doors to Season 2 and featuring all-new battles with 60 levels, 30 less than Season 1, and unlocking multiple items. As of this writing, it's unclear what will be included in the third season of Pokémon Unite.

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