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Logitech G502 Hero with 25K DPI Hero Sensor

Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 Hero is a famous gaming mouse with 11 buttons and a 25K Hero sensor. 5 weights allow you to adjust the weight to your liking. The Hero sensor has a DPI range of 100 to 25,600 and can be adjusted in the Logitech G Hub app (also integrated RGB).

One of the most reliable, precise, and adaptable mice. The Logitech G502 Hero is designed to give you the ultimate in usability. The best optical sensor, custom RGB lighting, and adaptability for the best tracking accuracy. You will have everything you need to enjoy it. Read on to see the best gaming mouse right now.

25K DPI Hero Sensor

Provides the ultimate gaming mouse with a sleek design and the latest HERO sensor. It has the fastest processing speed. It can deliver resolutions of 100-25.600 dpi and over 400ips without smoothing / acceleration/filtering. You can adjust your dpi setting with the highest level of precision for maximum precision and resolution. Each of the 11 buttons can work with your favorite macros and commands.

Create, crouch, fight, customize ... all at your fingertips. Ready-to-use profiles can be stored directly on the mouse, and configurations can be taken anywhere. And with adjustable weights, including five 3.6g weights, they have various front, rear, left, right, and center weights.

RGB Lightsync

Next-generation LIGHTSYNC RGB technology gives you the best RGB experience ever. Choose from a full spectrum of 16.8 million colors and sync lighting and animations with other devices. It also has all the features you need for better playing. The main buttons include electrical equipment with modified technology, straps with straps and straps, rubberized side handles, door weights, and more.


If you are familiar with older versions of the G502, don't expect many external changes. It's also a dark, eccentric, Batmobile-like rat. It sounds odd in the desktop environment, but it fits nicely on the battlefield.

The overall design of the G502 feels solid, but every angle makes it seem like this mouse can spill blood. The 2 buttons to the left of the primary click still hang oddly at the edge, making it look like they can be pulled apart easily. The G502 Hero features a DPI indicator and custom RGB lighting for the Logitech G logo. The two light areas are great places for them to appear between your thumb and forefinger when you hold down the mouse.

The scroll wheel is shiny metallic and nicely serrated. The button just behind the scroll wheel toggles a jagged scroll, which really gets me excited when the clicks stand out. Tilting the mouse for infinite scrolling spins the wheel freely to spin for more than 10 seconds. Reading terms of service and other lengthy documents is easier than ever.

The G502 Hero isn't the easiest for people with big hands. It's thin, and the side handles don't offer much traction. The claw grip works well enough, but the deep grooves and softer rubber finish provide a secure grip.


The performance of the G502 has improved thanks to the new Hero 25K DPI sensor. Logitech also uses it for high-end gaming mice. However, most people will find it difficult to distinguish between a Hero sensor and an older PMW3366 G502s that operate at nearly 12,000 DPI. The Hero sensor just doesn't have the speed, jitter, or other similar issues that plague traditional gaming mice. Tracking is not a problem.

The Logitech G502 Hero features a 1000Hz bounce rate and 1ms response time required by a good gaming mouse and is rarely seen in this area. But the Hero sensor helps the mouse shine. The upgrade to the Hero sensor won't go unnoticed for most people, so it's a bit difficult to focus on the G502's new price tag. This is the best version of this mouse that you can buy right now. However, if you're looking for a hefty mouse that usually fits in the palm of your hand, the cheaper G502 Proteus Spectrum may still be right for you.

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